Edward Bangs and Elza De Horvath Kelley Collection

ca. 1870–1961 1 box and 1 vol.

Consists of a “Remembrance Book” prepared as a tribute to the life, work and plans of Edward Bangs Kelley (1865–1955) and his wife Elza de Horvath (1873–1967), founders in 1954 of the Edward Bangs Kelley and Elza Kelley Foundation, Inc. to “benefit the people of Cape Cod.” It contains photographs of the Kelley’s and their home in Dennisport; early pictures of members of the Kelley and de Horvath families; and information about E.B. Kelley Co., Inc., that engaged in the manufacture and sale of machinery and construction equipment. Also other memorabilia relating to the Kelleys such as early photographs, School records, the announcement of their marriage, and travel records.

Edna S. MacAffer
15 South Lyon Ave.
Menands, New York 12204. (1973)

Box Items:

  1. Letter from Edna A. MacAffer re: collection, 1973.
  2. Photographs. Edward B. Kelley. Ca. 1870–1948:

    1870 Providence, R.I. E.B. Baby Pictures of “E.B.” and “D.B.” (3 items)
    1937 Dennis port, Edward by flag pole in front yard.
    1940. E.B. in swing chair at “Pound-Pond Cottage”, Dennis Port (2 items)
    1941 E.B. Kelley with 2 pet goats in east woods, Dennis Port (3 items)
    1943, 1948 E.B. Kelley at Dennis Port cottage with wheel barrow, tending rock garden. (3 items)
  3.  School Records of Edward B. Kelley 1882–1885 Dennis Port Grammar School. (3 items).
  4. Photographs Kelley cars: (5 items)

    1906, Col. Charles McDonnell & English chauffeur in front of touring car, Mrs. McConnell, Elza and E.B. Kelley in back, on tour in Nottingham, England, with Sir Jessie & Lady Booth.
    “Cranberry”, Elza’s Ford in driveway Dennis Port, not dated.
    “Mora” with E.B. Kelley in driver’s seat with hand cranked engine.
    “Kelley car” with 2 women seated inside. Not dated.
    E.B. Kelley with Mr. & Mrs. Market posing in front of sedan going to New York City. Not dated.
  5. Photographs. Elza deHorvath Kelley ca. 1905–1957

    1905 Bathing shots at Dennis Port (2 items)
    1918 Elza with midi blouse posing in woods.
    Not dated, formal portrait in sepia with hat and muff, young woman.
    Elza Kelley in Florida, 1957 (color photograph)
    Elzika, young woman in peasant outfit on farm, Strassburg, Colorado. (3 items)
  6. Photographs. Elza in group. 1912 ( 1 item)

    Sepia photograph showing Elza with feathered hat seated with 2 women and 1 gentleman. Taken at Pekin Studio, N.Y.
  7. Photographs. E.B. Kelley Co. Inc. (3 items); a metal plate: “Sold by E.B. Kelley Co.” Farmingdale, New Jersey; Buffalo, New York; Albany, New York
  8. Photographs. Houses. 1935,1950 (11 items)

    E.B. Kelley with wheel barrow, 1935, 1940 (2 items)
    Dennis Port cottages with barn and outbuildings. (8 items).
  9. Photographs, Pound Pond Cottage ca. 1916–1955 (21 items)

    Views of cottage before and after hurricane
  10. Photographs of Elza’s poultry, white leg horn hens, 1931 (4 items)
  11. Photographs. Shore Cottage. 1950 and not dated. (3 items)
  12. Photograph and Anthem of Cape Cod [poem]

    Rev. David T. Richards with motor bike, not dated. Poem: National Anthem of Cape Cod by Dr. David T. Richards, South Dennis Congregational Parsonage.
  13. Marriage announcement: E.B. Kelley and Elza Kelley, 1905.
  14. Memorabilia, Elza de Horvath Kelley ca. 1873–1920. (20 items)

    Passenger List, Westphalia from Hamburg to New York, 1883 with Horvath family; List of Cabin Passengers, S.S. Prinz Joachim, 1908 with Mr. & Mrs. E.B. Kelley aboard. Carte de visit of Jules De Horvath, architect, Chicago.
  15. Letters. 1901, 1909, 1929
  16. Clippings. ca. 1907–1978

    Opera House Programs, 1908; Carnegie Hall Concerts; Follies of 1908; Land Court, 1925 re: right of way in Dennis, Ma abutting Kelley property; Air Raid Instruction, 1951; Clipping: Cape Cod Times, 11-28-1978 Kelley genealogy.
  17. Memorabilia, World’s Columbian Exposition (1893)
  18. Guidebook. Switzerland. Not dated.

Remembrance Book

1 scrapbook, 44 pages.

“This Remembrance Book is a tribute to the life, the work and the plans of Edward Bangs Kelley, 1865-1955 and his wife Elza de Horvath Kelley, 1873–1967.” The Edward Bangs Kelley and Elza Kelley Foundation, Inc. was founded in 1954. Edward Bangs Kelley and his wife, Elza, loved Cape Cod and maintained a home in Dennisport, the place of his birth. They established the Foundation to “benefit the people of Cape Cod.”


  1. Picture of Edward Bangs Kelley (1941)
  2. Letter about Foundation assistance, 1958; Harold W. Williams, Jr.; reply by Mrs.E.B.K.
  3. Newspaper clippings; Pepperport, Cambridge Springs, PA, August 1915 re: E.B. Kelley. Cape Cod Standard Times, 1955, April 15, April 21. “Foundation will help Hospital”;”6 on Cape Cod Named in Will”.
  4. Kelley Foundation folder, Resolution March 20, 1955 from associate directors of the Edward Bangs Kelley and Elza Kelley Foundation, Inc. on death of E.B. Kelley with biography. Resolution Honoring Judge Kenneth S. MacAfee of Albany, N.Y. on January 10, 1964 with biography. Resolution Honoring Elza De Horvath Kelley, August 1967 with biography.
  5. Pictures about Kelley Family; Parents and birthplace, schoolhouse; Captain Nathan Bangs Kelley; E.B. Kelley’s mother. Edward Bangs Kelley portrait 1900.
  6. Pictures about de Horvath Family. Grandfather & Grandmother, Jules and Irene de Horvath portraits And wedding anniversary, 1920; in Dennis Port, 1926 Elza portraits (1898, 1918, 1912; Zoltan de Horvath; Cecile de Horvath, pianist.
  7. Pictures about Mr. & Mrs. Kelley; marriage invitation, New York home and their Dennis Home. Travel and touring cars, 1906, 1913, 1920, 1926; 1905 together at Pound Pond cottage. Before and after the 1944 hurricane. Letter: September 25, 1944 describing the 1944 hurricane from Elza Kelley. Portrait in 1950, de Horvath cemetery lot, Elza in Florida, 1957
  8. Information and Pictures of the E.B. Kelley business. Kelley Co. advertisement, clipping Newark Evening News, July 27, 1956; Letterhead Stationary; 1934 Photograph of Company building; New York Plant; Farmingdale, New Jersey Plant.