The Plywood Forest, by artist Phillippe Lejeune

Artist-in-Residence: Philippe Lejeune

Exhibit: October 16–November 13, 2014
Opening Reception: November 3, 4:30–6:00pm

Artist's Statement: In my work I have a relation with two distinct materials: manufactured wood and reflective surfaces. With those materials I play with the notion of images, rephrasing almost everything I learn about images, disrupting most of the conventions attached to what is viewed in art as an image. It's an adventure; the process forces me to be more creative.

With the glass material I learned not to transform or to touch the material – to keep it as it is. Instead to stage it, to build around often a wood structure, with the intention to bring a confusion for our senses. Confusion is good for the body, a problem for the mind, it brings the viewer(s) to be more active instead of passive – you can't just look at the glass, it ask for a response. The viewer becomes the doer.

With the manufactured wood I take a more conventional approach. I use it as a support to paint – but instead of expressing my identity, I instead try to reveal the identity of the material itself.

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