Foreign Film Series – Fall 2014

November 18, 2014
Today's Special
(USA – 2009)

Still from the film: Today's Special

Samir's family, Indian immigrants, owns the rundown Tandoori Palace restaurant. Samir, seeking distance from his father, is an ambitious chef in a Manhattan restaurant. When his father suffers a heart attack, Samir's plans have to be put aside. He takes over the family business, although he doesn't cook Indian food. Today's Special is a strong addition to the "finding-family-through-food" film genre.

In English.
Director: David Kaplan, 99 minutes


November 25, 2014
Eat, Drink, Man, Woman
(Taiwan – 1994)

Still from the film: Eat, Drink, Man, Woman

A delicious examination of the relationship between an aging Chinese master chef and his three rebellious daughters. Eat Drink Man Woman explores the universal theme of the difficulties of communicating across the generation gap. Director Ang Lee treats us to characters full of texture and depth, with food providing a delectable backdrop that guarantees hunger pangs!

In Madarin with English subtitles.
Director: Ang Lee, 123 minutes


December 2, 2014
(France – 2011)

Still from the film: Aliyah

Alex, 27, is involved with drugs and dark deals in the streets of Paris, with only a vague sense of being a Jew. But when his cousin Nathan offers him an opportunity to partner in his Tel Aviv restaurant, the chance for a fresh start appeals. Alex first has to learn Hebrew, raise funds for the restaurant, and apply for "Aliyah," the return to the Holy Land.

In French with English subtitles.
Director: Elie Wajeman, 90 minutes


December 9, 2014
Key of Life
(Japan – 2011)

Still from the film: Key of Life

Sakurai is an out-of-work actor, debt-ridden, and heartbroken. He can't even pull off his own suicide. He seizes the chance to switch identities when a well-to-do stranger in the bathhouse slips, hits his head and suffers amnesia. Only Sakurai's bad luck follows him into his new life.

In Japanese with English subtitles.
Director: Kenji Uchida, 128 minutes


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