The O'Neill Center for Disability Services

The O'Neill Center for Disability Services provides accommodations to qualified students with documented disabilities.

The O'Neill Center works collaboratively with faculty and other campus resources to provide a wide range of support services which may include extended time for testing, academic counseling, tutoring, note taking, as well as adaptive computing.

Students are encouraged to meet with a disability specialist before the start of their first semester to develop a support service plan.

To qualify for services, please review Steps for Receiving Services and Accommodations Plan.

The O'Neill Center for Disability Services is located in the MM Wilkens Hall,
Room 222.  For more information, call 508.362.2131 x4337.

O'Neill Center for Disability Services' Staff:

Douglas Terry, M.Ed.
Phone: 508.362.2131 x4337

Learning Disabilities Specialist
Dr. Richard Sommers
Phone: 508.362.2131 x4317
Office:  North Building, Room 241

Instructional Support Technician
Kathleen M. Fulginiti
Phone: 508.362.2131 x4533

Academic Advisor
Tara Machnik, M.Ed.
Phone:  508.362.2131 x4511
Office:  MM Wilkens Hall, Room 220

Inclusive Concurrent Enrollment (ICE) Program
Dr. Kathleen Roberts
Phone: 508.362.2131 x4485
Office:  MM Wilkens Hall, Room 230

Inclusive Concurrent Enrollment (ICE) Program
Employment Specialist
Theresa Bowse
Phone: 508.362.2131 x4374
Office:  MM Wilkens Hall, Room 233