CLEP® – Frequently Asked Questions

When are CLEP® examinations offered?
CLEP® Examinations are usually administered monthly on Saturday mornings. If you have already scheduled your exam appointment, you will receive notification of registration, testing time, and directions by email five to seven days prior to the scheduled exam date. If you do not receive notification of registration five to seven days prior to the exam date, you may call the Assessment Center at Cape Cod Community College at (508) 362-2131 x4543

How do I register for my CLEP
® exam?
Candidates begin by creating an account at  Once registered, you must contact the Assessment Center at Cape Cod Community College to schedule the actual exam: (508) 362-2131 x4543.  You must have the Exam Registration Ticket in hand to schedule your appointment.  Once you have scheduled you will receive a reminder email from CCCC five to seven days prior to your scheduled exam date.

How much does it cost to take a CLEP
® examination at CCCC?
For each CLEP® examination taken, there are two fees.

CCCC Administrative Fee: There is a non-refundable administrative fee of $15.00 for each CLEP® exam taken. This fee is payable by check or money order only. Checks or money orders should be made out to C.C.C.C.  Do not combine fees for multiple exams. In other words, if you are taking two CLEP® exams, you must have two separate checks or money orders. The administrative fee(s) must be mailed in prior to 4:00 pm on the deadline date or you will not be permitted to take the exam.

CLEP® Test Fee: A fee of $80.00 per exam is payable on the "MyAccount" system by using MasterCard, Visa, Discover, JCB or electronic check.  Be sure to print your Exam Registration Ticket to present to the test center on the day of the exam.

Can I take more than one CLEP® examination on the same day?
Yes. Students may take two CLEP® examinations on the same day. If taking two examinations, make sure that you have registered on MyAccount for two exams.  You must send two $15.00 CCCC administration fees (CK or MO) prior to 4:00 pm on the deadline date.

Which CLEP® exam do I take in order to receive credit for English Composition I (ENL101)?
To earn credit for English Composition I (ENL101), matriculating CCCC students must take the College Composition exam.

Which CLEP
® exam do I take in order to receive credit for English Composition II (ENL102)?
To earn credit for English Composition II (ENL102), matriculating CCCC students must take the Analyzing & Interpreting Literature exam.  You will be awarded three college credits for either ENL102 English Composition II or Analyzing and Interpreting Literature but NOT BOTH.

When will I receive my CLEP® scores?
All CLEP® participants will receive a copy of your exam score  immediately upon completion of the exam, with the exception of participants taking the College Composition Exam. For this exam you will receive a combined score after the essay has been scored: ususally three to four weeks after your test date.  Scores will be sent by first-class mail.

What is the Cape Cod Community College code number?
The college code for Cape Cod Community College is 3289.

Will Cape Cod Community College evaluate my CLEP® results?
CLEP® scores will be evaluated for a Cape Cod Community College transcript if the applicant is a matriculated student at Cape Cod Community College. Students may bring their copy of the exam score report to the Registrar’s Office the following week in order to have their credits recorded on their transcript. CCCC follows the American Council on Education recommended passing score of 50 or above.

What do I bring with me on the CLEP® testing day?
On the day of the CLEP® exam, please bring the following items:

  1. Your printed Exam Registration Ticket from your College Board® MyAccount           system that lists your Voucher ID number.

  1. ONE form of identification.  Must be a government-issued photo ID, such as a Driver's License, Passport, State ID issued by the RMV, Military ID (Common Access Card), Tribal ID, Naturalization card, Certificate of Citizenship or College Board® ID Form.
  2. Several non-mechanical pencils.  The exam is adminstered on the computer but you will be given official CLEP® scrap paper that must be returned upon completion.

What number should I call if I still have questions regarding CLEP®?
For further questions regarding CLEP®, please call (508) 362-2131 x4543.

What if I do not receive a passing score or I want to cancel my scores?
If you do not receive a passing score, the exam cannot be taken again for three (3) months. Your exam fee will not be refunded for a non-passing score.

Additional Important Information About CLEP
® Exams:

You will NOT be admitted after the exam has begun, nor can administration of the test be delayed for you. Please arrive at test site fifteen minutes prior to your scheduled time listed on your email reminder.

Deadline for scheduling your appointment  is 4:00 p.m. on the deadline date.  You must have completed your registration on the CLEP® MyAccount before calling to schedule your exam appointment. CLEP® exam appointments are booked on a first call, first served basis. Submission of a registration form in MyAccount, prior to the deadline, does not guarantee a spot for that date. Please remember there are limited spaces for each exam session.


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