Accuplacer®: Review Sites

We strongly encourage you to review and study prior to completing your Accuplacer® tests. Your goal is to achieve the best possible score in order to prevent enrollment in courses below your actual skill level. By increasing your scores and eliminating unnecessary preparatory (developmental) courses, you will save yourself the tuition costs associated with those classes ($500.00+ per course) and the time invested in taking these courses. The following resources may be helpful in preparing for your tests:

College Board's® General ACCUPLACER® Information

ACCUPLACER® Practice Tests:

For a more comprehensive review of Sentence Skills, Reading Comprehension, Arithmetic and Elementary Algebra skill areas you may also access the following tutorial sites:

ACCUPLACER® Sentence Skills Test Prep:


Part 1 and Part 2                 

Sentence Snarls and Sentence Skills


Refresher Workshops:
You may also decide to participate in one of the free, three hour refresher workshops offered through the Advising Center at Cape Cod Community College. Call: (508) 362-2131 x4318

The Official ACCUPLACER® Study App
is offered through the ACCUPLACER® Web Based Study App.   This product features interactive practice tests with immediate feedback and a detailed explanation of the correct responses to the questions.  You may access this product at the College Board® site for $2.99 for a six month period.


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