Tilden Arts Center to Hold Auditions for 1984 by George Orwell

Auditions poster for the production of 1984.Cape Cod Community College will mount a production of George Orwell’s 1984 this April as part of ArtSpring Cape Cod, a grass-roots collaboration between multiple arts and culture organizations across the region occurring in the spring of 2017. According to Tilden Arts Center Coordinator Vana Trudeau,  "the goal of ArtSpring Cape Cod is to engage as many artists, organizations, and communities as possible in a festival that explores the important and topical theme of 'Freedom of Expression'."

Auditions will be held January 5 from 5:00–8:00pm and January 15 from 12:00–3:00pm in the Studio Theatre at the Tilden Arts Center at Cape Cod Community College.

Roles available are:

  • Parsons – jovial, stupid woman approaching middle age. Parent of two horrific children belonging to the Spies and Youth League; colleague and neighbor to Winston
  • Syme – "friend" of Winston's who is too smart for his own good
  • Winston Smith – amateur intellectual who nurses a secret hatred of the Party
  • Messenger & Coffee Vendor – teenaged girls who work for The Party
  • First Guard / Martin – Martin is O'Brien's servant
  • Second Guard / Waiter or waitress
  • O'Brien – prominent Inner Party member, fatherly, deceptively tender Julia – Party member who works in the Fiction Department of the Ministry of Truth
  • Gladys – member of the Children's Spies organization
  • Landlady – unkempt old woman, one of the "proles"
  • Voice of: Big Brother
  • Voice of: Loud Speaker
  • Voice of: Goldstein

Please note that all "voice" actors may be needed for filming of short video montages, but will probably not be needed for live performances.

1984 will open in the Tilden Arts Center Studio Theatre on April 13 and run through April 30.

Published in 1949, the novel and subsequent stage adaptations are set in a world of constant war, ever present government surveillance, and, most notably, a political system dominated by a cult of personality and control of independent thinking by means of a constructed language called "newspeak" and a prohibition on "thoughtcrime."

"For centuries, the notion of free thought or expression has plagued scholars, playwrights and philosophers alike," comments Trudeau. "Orwell's 1984 drives a sharp spike into our consciousness by revealing a world where free expression isn’t simply restricted, but systematically erased."

For more information on the play itself or the auditions, please contact:

Vana Trudeau, Tilden Arts Center Coordinator
Phone: 508.375.4044
E-mail at: happening@capecod.edu