Massage Therapy Certificate Program

Note: No new students will be enrolled in the Massage Therapy program as of July 1, 2014. Currently enrolled students are encouraged to contact Dean Susan Maddigan: 508.362.2131 x4427 to discuss a plan to complete the program by May 31, 2015.


The Massage Therapy Certificate ProgramPDF document comprises twenty-nine credits (over 650 hours) of education in the art and science of massage. Our focus is the mind-body connection, and how caring, competent touch can promote healing. Graduates are eligible to apply for the Massachusetts Massage license and are qualified to sit for the National Certification Exam.

Massage Therapy studentsMassage Therapy studentsMassage Therapy studentsMassage Therapy studentsMassage Therapy students

Cape Cod Community College provides a program characterized by high-quality and modest cost that builds on existing strengths in faculty, course work, and physical facility.

The program is a part-time course of study with students enrolled in either the day or evening program.

    Massage therapists have moved into new arenas of both wellness and rehabilitation including sports medicine, physical therapy, and even dentistry. The field continues to grow.

    Licensed massage therapists find opportunities in complementary healthcare settings, working as self-employed practitioners in private or group offices and as salaried or commissioned employees in spas, health clubs, chiropractic offices, etc.

    Beyond the usual tuition and fees (29 credits at the current charges), the student is responsible for the purchase of books and other learning aids that may be required throughout the program.

    Before beginning Massage Therapy I (MTC101PDF document), the student is responsible for:

  • Cost of a uniform, name tag and massage supplies (estimated at $60).
  • Cost of two sets of twin-size linens (estimated at $40).
  • Cost of liabilitiy insurance (estimated at $15)
  • Cost of massage table and face-rest (estimated at $575), from a supplier of their choice.
  • Expenses may be subject to change. Financial Aid is available for any students who qualify.

    The Gainful Employment Program provides students with the information they need to make informed educational choices including total program costs, loan repayment rates, and career outlooks.

    First SemesterPDF documents





    Introduction to Complementary Healing Practices




    Massage Therapy I




    Kinesiology for Massage Therapy


    Second SemesterPDF documents




    Massage Therapy II




    Clinical Practicum




    Pathology for Massage Therapy


    Third SemesterPDF documents




    Massage Therapy III




    Clinical Practicum (continued)





    Massage Therapy Professional Ethics and Practice Management




    Survey of Human Anatomy and Physiology



     Total Credits:


    The Massage Therapy Certificate program is a selective admissions program. To apply, an applicant must have:

  • Attended an information session
  • Completed an application for admissionPDF document
  • High School diploma or GED
  • Received and documented a therapeutic massage from a licensed massage therapist

  • An applicant may be accepted into the program pending successful completion of the following:

  • College Placement Test (CPT). You may need to take the following courses based upon the results of the CPT:
  • MAT020PDF document Basic Arithmetic Skills
  • ENL020PDF document College Reading & Study Skills
  • ENL050PDF document Foundations in Writing
  • Documentation of immunizations required by the Massachusetts Department of Public Health and Cape Cod Community College
  • Provide a signed and verified Physician's Report of Physical Examination
  • Passed a CORI (Criminal Offenders Registry Information) and SORI (Sexual Offenders Registry Information) check
  • Prior to beginning Massage Therapy I (MTC101PDF document), obtained CPR certification for adults

  • Once Enrolled
    in the program, the student must:

  • Receive a minimum grade of "C" (2.0) in class work and in technique performance, in order to continue
  • Pass a CORI and SORI check at the beginning of each school year
  • Maintain CPR certification


For additional information regarding the Massage Therapy program, please contact:

Ellen Duff, Coordinator
Phone: (508) 362-2131 x4536

Admissions Office
Phone: (508) 362-2131 x4311