The Family Pantry of Cape Cod

Logo for The Family Pantry of Cape CodThe Family Pantry of Cape Cod (Family Pantry), the sponsoring organization for the Family Pantry of Cape Cod Community College (FP4C), is a non-profit, non-denominational organization dedicated to providing emergency non-perishable food and personal care products to current students, faculty, staff, and families who have children attending the Children's College at Cape Cod Community College.
  • Hours:
    Monday: 2:00–4:00pm
    Tuesday: 10:00am–1:00pm and 2:00–4:30pm
    Thursday: 10:00am–1:00pm
  • Phone: 774.330.4365
  • Location: Life Fitness Center, lower level
  • Availability: Fall and Spring semesters

How to Use the Food Pantry

  • The first time you come to the Pantry, we will interview you briefly to confirm association with the college and obtain needed information about your household. You will be asked to estimate your household income and the number of dependents in your family.
  • Please have your Cape Cod Community College identification card with you when you come to the Pantry to show that you are currently enrolled. You can also demonstrate enrollment status by logging in to CampusWeb via the Pantry computer and the volunteer will validate your enrollment status by viewing your class schedule.
  • You may visit the Pantry once a week. After your first visit, please be sure to bring your Cape Cod Community College FP4C identification card each time you visit. Also bring reusable bags for your groceries.
  • Keep in mind that the amount of food you are eligible to receive when you visit the Pantry is generally limited to one bag per student per visit.
  • Our supply of non-perishable foods is fairly consistent. We will not be supplying perishable food items.
  • Please be respectful of our guidelines regarding the amount and types of food that are available when you visit the Pantry. Our resources are limited, and we must allocate them carefully in order to be able to serve all of our students who come to the Pantry for assistance.
  • Because our space is limited, we invite clients into the Pantry a few at a time, on a “first come, first served” basis.
  • On busy days, we reserve the right to stop serving clients before closing time, in order to ensure that we are able to serve all the clients who have arrived earlier before we close.

Who We Are

The Family Pantry of Cape Cod Community College (FP4C) is operated by a team of student volunteers and faculty/staff advisors who give their time and effort to help others.

The Family Pantry of Cape Cod is funded entirely by donations and our own fundraising efforts. The Family Pantry relies on the generosity of area businesses, churches, other organizations, and individuals for donations of food, goods, and money. The Family Pantry also collects and redeems cans and plastic bottles. FP4C is limited to providing emergency non-perishable food supplies and personal care products only.

Family Pantry of Cape Cod volunteersFamily Pantry of Cape Cod volunteers


The volunteers you meet at the Pantry are dedicating their time and effort to helping their fellow students. They are committed to welcoming and treating you with courtesy, confidentiality, compassion, dignity, and respect. We ask you to remember always to treat them in the same way.