The Advantage Program offers free tutoring in most subjects. We have math tutors, science tutors, English tutors, and we will try and make accomodations to any students who need help in other subjects. We have both professional and student tutors available.

Tutoring takes place in the Advantage Program office, MM Wilkens Hall, Room 221. Make appointments through the office (x4321) or online.

Advantage/ TRiO /SSS
Tutoring Guidelines & Responsibilities

Before the tutoring session

For a successful tutoring session

Between tutoring sessions

Policies to Know


Tutors and students are encouraged to exchange college e-mail and other contact information in the first session! Tutors have access to the contact information listed on the request form. This exchange can save time and confusion regarding upcoming sessions.


All questions, comments or suggestions should be referred to:

Laura Doane
Advantage/TRiO/SSS Director

508.362.2131 x4321

Advantage Program

If you have questions concerning what the Advantage Program can do for you, please let us know!

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