Admissions to the Diagnostic Technician Program

The Diagnostic Technician Certificate program is designed to prepare students to function in a variety of settings assisting with diagnostic testing including phlebotomy and EKG. Additional coursework within the certificate provides students with the vocabulary and communication skills necessary to work with the public in a healthcare setting.

Upon completion of the 16 credit hours of coursework within the certificate, students will be qualified to take the national credentialing exams in Phlebotomy and EKG. Employment opportunities for graduates are found in hospitals, clinics, diagnostic testing laboratories, physicians' offices and insurance companies.

Diagnostic Technician Information Session and Interview

The pivotal course in the Diagnostic Technician Certificate program is the Phlebotomy course.  Therefore, it is important to arrange to attend an information session and interview for acceptance into this selective program.  Before we can process your application to the Diagnostic Technician certificate program, you must be accepted into the Phlebotomy course.  In order to apply for the Phlebotomy course you must attend an information session.

Application Procedures

1.  Submit a completed application for admission

2.  Submit official final high school transcript or GED diploma

3.  Submit official transcript(s) for all colleges and universities previously attended (if applicable)

4.  Attend a mandatory information session and interview with the Program Coordinator

5.  Submit a copy of your acceptance letter to the Phlebotomy course

PLEASE NOTE: The EKG, Medical Terminology and Oral Communications courses do not require a pre-admissions interview.  Anyone can sign up for EKG, Medical Terminology and Oral Communications at any time with the understanding that successful completion of Phlebotomy is probably most important to function as a Diagnostic Technician.

After acceptance applicants will be required to:

To remain in this program enrolled students must:

  • Maintain at least a 75% average in the required courses
  • Earn a satisfactory clinical evaluation
  • Adhere to the attendance policy

Gainful Employment Information

The Gainful Employment Program provides students with the information they need to make informed educational choices including total program costs, loan repayment rates, and career outlooks. 

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