Developmental Education for the
ACT Program at Cape Cod Community College

The Department of Labor grant is providing options for those students who place into one or more developmental courses and who wish to complete a tutorial program with the goal of retesting into higher level courses in reading comprehension, writing and/or mathematics. These options are for students who are motivated and desire an accelerated pathway to completion of certificates or degree programs. The goal, of course, is to provide students with additional options to increase their placement levels thereby saving themselves TIME and MONEY.

The grant requirements for student qualifications to participate in these programs have been built into the Accuplacer placement rules. Only those students meeting the grant requirements and having these placement rules listed on their score sheets can enroll in these options. Qualifying students may select either option bases on their preference.

Accuplacer Diagnostic/Pearson Foundations Online Tutorial – WTU101-63

Accuplacer/ Pearson Foundation Lab is an online 24/7 tutorial program providing students with a personalized learning path based on the results of their Accuplacer Diagnostic Tests. Students interested in this option will:

  • Immediately schedule an Accuplacer Diagnostic Test for appropriate skill area with the Assessment Center.
  • Be provided with the results of the Diagnostic test and their access code and course ID for the Pearson Foundations ONLINE.
  • Enroll in the Foundations Lab at the completion of their Diagnostic Test with the aid of an Assessment Center staff member.
  • Be provided with a Learning Pathway and software instructions that focus ONLY on those skills identified by the Diagnostic Tests (Reading Comprehension, Sentence Skills, Arithmetic and/or Elementary Algebra) and requiring remediation.
  • Have access to the Pearson 24/7 online tutorial if the student has difficulty with a skill module.

A mastery level of 80% on each of the activities assures a student’s readiness upon completion to retake the Accuplacer test and to hopefully place into higher level placements. If students select this option, they must schedule an appointment for the Diagnostic Tests in the Assessment Center. Assessment Center staff will then help students with their initial registration in the Pearson Foundation Lab program.

There are also Refresher Workshops available through the Advising Department. Please check out their options as well.

Please check out this informative video on the Accuplacer test!


ACT Program

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