Joint Base Cape Cod

Coast Guard aircraft

Courses offered at Joint Base Cape Cod are designated for active military personnel, their dependents, eligible retired military, reserve military, Department of Defense, Department of Homeland Security employees, and contracted employees. Students must have Base ID to access courses at the base.

Spring 2015

Humanities: Perception through the Arts (HUM102-68)
Wednesdays, 5:15–8:15pm

This course is an introduction to humanistic studies; it examines works of the human spirit (in music, painting, philosophy, sculpture, architecture, drama, poetry) which have influenced our civilization and who we are as individuals. Prerequisite: ENL101 / 3 credits. Satisfies a Humanities and Fine Arts general education requirement.

Survey of Mathematics (MAT140-68)
Tuesdays & Thursdays, 5:15–7:15pm

Designed for liberal arts students.  Emphasis is on mathematics as the study of patterns and on mathematical thinking as the making and proving of conjectures.  Topics: logic, number sequences, functions and graphs, large numbers and logarithms, geometry, symmetry and regular figures, methods of counting, probability, introductory statistics, finance, and topology. The history, philosophy, and applications of mathematics are interwoven. (4 contact hours) Prerequisite: (MAT035 or MAT040) or satisfactory basic skills assessment score / 3 credits. Satisfies a Mathematics/Quantitative Reasoning general education requirement.

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